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smoked jetta headlights?

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anyone make them?
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Re: smoked jetta headlights? (helpmeplease)

if you've see them they are custom....they are not made by a aftermarket company
Re: smoked jetta headlights? (helpmeplease)

i saw them in a magazine, i forgot what magazine it was, and it was at some Japanese dealer that does install on cars. my friend dragged me there i dunno why but they do exist. these looked alright but i would wait for another brand
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Re: smoked jetta headlights? (flow vdub)

can't you get smoked e-codes or something.....i dunno i could be wrong...
Re: smoked jetta headlights? (15degree_V)

i've seen jetta lights that are like the 25th anniversary gti lights. like, only the sides are blacked out. not sure if this is what you're looking for, but i saw them at a local shop. they looked pretty good
but i guess you can just do it yourself if you're short on cash
Re: smoked jetta headlights? (The AuDUBot)

do you noe the brand?
Re: smoked jetta headlights? (helpmeplease)

i'm not sure. i saw them in a display case, but it was sitting on top of a hella box, but i guess that could mean anything. i dunno, if you really would rather pay for them than do it yourself, i can find out for you exactly who made it and how much and all that. i might drop by there tomorrow.
Re: smoked jetta headlights? (The AuDUBot)

i did them myself. I did a complete smoked look and a 25th annv. gti look. check my sig.
Re: smoked jetta headlights? (NiteQwill)

fix the link in your sig. you added a w to the end of it. Just thought I'd let you know
Re: smoked jetta headlights? (Mizzy)

ok, i went to check out how much those lights are. apparently, the shop does them custom. it'll be $150CAD if you trade in your stock ones, but $550CAD if you don't. they ship wherever and stuff. they're called Revolustion and they're in Richmond, BC. webpage is http://www.604racing.com. they can do it total smoke, or just the edge like the 25th anni ones. (but if you asked me, you might as well do them yourself...)
good luck
Re: smoked jetta headlights? (15degree_V)

quote:[HR][/HR]can't you get smoked e-codes or something.....i dunno i could be wrong...[HR][/HR]​
You can for the Golf/GTi but not Jetta
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