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can i start this day over again?

the day started last night. we pulled my elderly scirocco into the garage to fix an electrical issue. with the rain earlier in the week, i suddenly lost handy lil things like wipers, heater, one headlight and the horn. :-s so in it came to the shop. as my mechanic\gf started checking on the wiring in the dash a sizeable curl of smoke arose from somewhere deep in my dash. this was late last night.
off to bed. snuggle time (thank God - needed a lil TLC)
awake this morning to see the scirocco's dash in pieces. *shrugs* knew it still would be in such a state. yes, i have photos, not processed yet.
pour some coffee... mmm... coffee will help. if not the wiring, it certainly would help my growing headache.
take another sip, fresh cup, then another sip
mechanic\gf is sitting beside me pondering the issue. ...sip... i suddenly feel something fuzzy in my mouth. a fly had drowned in my coffee. BLECH, spit that out onto the garage floor.
fresh pot and cup of coffee later, i sit back down...
take another sip or two.
mmm... there's something fuzzy in my mouth AGAIN!
spit that out onto the floor.... another f*cking fly.
CAN I START THIS DAY OVER (starting last night around 9pm)
just needed to vent. she's got my dash in pieces.
and apparently both of us have headaches.

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Re: Smokin' Scirocco (Rocc it)

Quote, originally posted by Rocc it »
Your girlfriend is your mechanic? You have nothing to complain about.

and...he got snuggle time....My girls dont even know how to check their oil....but I do
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