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Re: Smoothing Body? (DuckyGTI)

There isn't anything wrong with smoothing out a car...not everyone has to be a fan of it but it does look nice...I personally prefer Audi door handles with a nice kit smoothed to the body...this car here has the wing smoothed to the body and it takes a lot of hard work and I don't care if some people think that this car is ricey because the work that was put into this car is almost amazing as the paint itself...20 hours spent on each sideskirt alone just to make them perfect, that's why this car won the hottest car in Canada at Darknights in toronto...the paint is simply amazing...

And a shot of the wing

PS this guy ownes his own body shop so all the work was done by him...oh yeah I just remembered how you guys were talking about smoothing out a car should stay with the honda's but I thought that I'd show you a car that if done properly can actually look good
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