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SMR then klasse?

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I have tons of swirls marks on my car... Actually, i'm not
sure if I should say "tons", but it's prominent because my car is black.
From what I've read, I'm thinking I should just use Meguiar's #9 SMR
followed by several coats of AIO then some of the Sealant. Am I right so
far? I've heard ppl recommend the 3M Imperial Hand Glaze, but I'm not sure where that fits in.. is it a comparable product to the Meguiar's SMR? or Klasse Step #2?
I have a coat of wax on the car currently, so when the shows itself next (probably not til January
) what order should I be doing things in? (do I need to strip the old wax off?)
Assuming I should be using SMR, what is the "best" way to apply the SMR,
klasse AIO, and klasse Sealant. What kind of cloths should i be using specifically?
Terry cloth? foam pads? cotton towels?
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Re: SMR then klasse? (bobby_t1)

well make sure those are actually swirlmarks.. because there are "spider webs" from the factory that you and anything about, which looks like swirlmarks..
but anyways, SMR is very mild.. if your swirlmarks aren't that bad then maybe it'll be good.. Use foam pads for each product.. it'll be way easier to apply than towels, and doesn't waste as much. SMR will remove anything you have on the car(wax, oil, light waterspots, finger prints, etc.), and so will klasse. I forgot the instruction on the SMR.. follow what it says
For AIO, apply thin layers and wipe off, no drying time needed. Two layers should be good enough.. if not maybe 3. SG is the one you should be applying multiple layers. Same with AIO, apply thin layers.. but do let this one dry for at least 20 mins before wiping off. If you have trouble removing I've heard using quick detailer helps. Wait 24 hours before applying a second layer.. and with each new layer, your paint will shine even more! most notiably after the 3rd or 4th coat. I've got 5 on mine..
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Re: SMR then klasse? (FiveAinOne)

If I wait 24 hours before applying successive coats of SG, what about dirt particles and debris that buidls up on the car in that time? Am I not supposed to drive the car?
Re: SMR then klasse? (bobby_t1)

I wiped down my car with an microfiber before adding SG to make sure. You can tell real quick by looking at your light colored applicators sponge, you can rotate it and turn it over and stuff.
Don't drive your car, or apply a coat of SG on succesive weekends after washing thuroughly with non-wax stripping quality car shampoo.
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