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Snow tire advice/opinions needed...

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I'm in the market for some winter tires for my truck (pretend it's my VW... it's going into hybernation for the winter so it won't need snowshoes
) and the only place I can find a package with steel wheels is through Discount Tire Direct. They offer the following types of winter tires for my *vehicle*, and I'm wondering if any of you have experience with any of these brands:
Semperit Direct Grip M828 (Least expensive)
Yokohama Guardex 600
Yokohama Guardex 720
Michelin Arctic Alpin
Michelin Pilot Alpin (Most expensive)
I'm guessing the Michelin Pilot Alpin's are probably pretty good, but they are also the most expensive. I wanted Blizzaks, but TireRack.com doesn't seem to offer steel wheels for my vehicle on their website and I'm not about to pay $150 a peice for aluminum winter wheels when I already have aluminum wheels!

Any input would be appreciated...
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Re: Snow tire advice/opinions needed... (Blitzkrieg)

Hey - Just finished watching a Quebec stage of the Canadian rally series on (Canadian) OLN. The race was last winter, and was a total ice/snow race. No studs are allowed in Canadian rallies....anyway, first and second place were on Yokohama Guardex 600!!!!
My personal preference is Nokian Hakkapelitta 1's, more of a snow than an ice tire....
Re: Snow tire advice/opinions needed... (SingleSpeed)

Single Speed;
Thanks for your input. I ended up ordering the Yokohama Guardex 720's for exactly $500 with steel wheels. Hopefully they are as good as the 600's. I ordered the 720's because Discount Tire Direct only offered the 600 package with 215mm wide tires, and I wanted 205mm, which the 720's came in. I don't know if I'll win any Rally races with these tires, but hopefully I'll be able to get to and from work safely!!!

I originally wanted the Nokian's as well, but I couldn't find a place online that included them with a set of wheels. It's rather nice to just order them online and have them delivered to your doorstep completely balanced and ready to bolt-on
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