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I live in Maine, snowbanks tend to get a little nasty. The other day I was driving home, and to make a long story short, i met a nice, icy snowbank up close and personal. some of my neighbors helped me get out, and i just drove home. It wasn't until I heard the scraping when driving on the highway that i realized that something was broken on the front bumper .. when i got home i realized that the bumper was indeed cracked. I'm not sure about the parts of the bumper, so forgive me because i don't have names, but the place where the clip is on the right side of the car is completely broken .. whatever is bolted to the inside of the wheel well is dangling, and when wind catches it hard enough, it's forced to the ground, which grinds while dragging. Visually, the bumper doesn't look bad, but it's a little lopsided on the right because of the missing clip. Am I right to guess that I can unscrew whatever that is hanging from the wheelwell, go to a junkyard, and get another to last me a little while until spring, when I can get a new bumper?
Also .. it's a stock red big bumper. Anyone have any idea how much that's going to cost, for just the front.
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Re: Snowbank (Mendler)

i beleive you could just buy a new clip from the junkyard for your bumper. also, the black thing you mentioned draging on the ground is just a skirt used to prevent water and dirt and stuff like that from getting at the sheet metal of the car and into the engine bay. you could buy all these at a junkyard, dont buy from the dealer, youll get ripped off! check the classifieds for peeps parting out cars. good luck
Re: Snowbank (DuBLiFeh2o)

i've got a date friday, and generally the sound of something dragging isn't something girls are impressed with .. would i be safe to take this off until i can get to a junker?
Re: Snowbank (Mendler)

yes. but just stay away from road salt and sand. give it a good spray down before you put the new one back on and you should be all set.
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