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So cold and = blinking light on cluster?

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It was so cold here in MA last night (negative teens in F) and when I started my car this morning, there's a little red light blinking on upper left corner on the display. I was in a rush to work, so didn't look it up in the manual. So, what is it??
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Well you should never drive your car with a blinking red light, they are there for a reason.

What did the picture look like?
Re: (Sawdust)

The picture is like a thermometer...in fact, I took my wife's car instead of mine after seeing it.
Sounds like a fault coolent temp sensor, mine was replaced under special warrantee yours should be too.
Here the funny part, mine would come on in the winter when the car was just started and it was -20 out, lol
Re: (Sawdust)

Thanks for the reply...I've got a few minor things that I wanted the dealer to fix anyway.
Though what special warranty? Like recall?
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