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So i am really confused and I know someone can give me a good answer come on please.

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All right. I don't know why this is such a problem and im sorry im making a big deal out of this. But unlike hondas, there are ten million articles telling kids how to drop their corrado. Now what...does everyone on here own an impact gun or something????? Seriously I know you people have put on springs before and I just want to know how you can hold the strut while taking the nut off. I know I might sound stupid to some of you but i really don't know where else to go...i don't have all the cool tools and my situation is similar to trying to put a table together with all the wood and nails but no hammer...it just isn't going to happen.
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you can probably rent a compressor and an impact gun somewhere
I know how to do it, given a hoist, an air hose, an impact wrench, the right torque wrench, and a garage, but otherwise, I think it'd be insanely hard...sorry

I have a set of neuspeed springs which I've wanted to put on since I first got my car (6 months ago)
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Re: (nikov_17)

um i just want to make sure about something...
You can't remove the whole strut/spring assembly without taking that nut off first right...b/c if i could just take the whole thing out i could probably figure something out.....seriously though what did everyone else who have slammed corrados do?
Re: (VeeDubBBoy)

they probably took it to a shop and had it done there if they did not have the knowledge and tools to do it themselves, thats what I did it was not that expensive. good luck
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Re: (walteri)

Took things to my step-brother's dad's shop and abused the plethora of lifts and air tools (I had to work, I would've helped though). Then had Frank hook me up w/ his compressor and air tools when my rear shock dismantled itself. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: (G60ING)

Some things are better to have done by a pro. Meaning a shop that has all the right tools. Dont forget, its easier to take apart than to back together somtimes. Plus you might need special tool, you also have to compress the spings, & most of all if you break/ damage something you'll regret it.
But most importantly..who's gonna wanna ride w/ you knowing you did your own suspention work in your back yard?
Better to be safe than sorry.
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Re: (Ricky)

Pllleeeaaase....its not like im rebuilding my tranny with a hammer and a spoon...im just trying to take that nut off. Struts aren't that hard and im not having someone else do it. I've taught myself everything in life and im not going to give up now...ill figure something out and ill let you guys know how friggin sweet these things are once there on....
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Re: (VeeDubBBoy)

There is a special socket that you can get if you don't have an impact gun. It's basically a deep well socket with a slot cut out of it (about 1/6 missing of the socket) this allows you to get an allen in there to hold the strut while you break the nut free with the socket.
Now the backyard mechanic way that is tough but i've done it before is some brands of open end wrench can get down around the nut and you use the allen again to hold the shock from spinning and break the nut free with the wrench.
Also some shocks don't use allens but small wrench/socket (5-7mm) but those are usually aftermarket only, OEM should be allens.
Re: (cramer)

There are some things you should leave to the Pro's.
Go to sears and buy a big arse impact tool,and pound the poop out of it.Or you could do it with an offset box end wrench,or the special $40 socket Cramer speaks of,I have the socket,it helped.Now when that damn nut was frozen to the top of the strut,the whimpy little tool did jack.
Good luck,youre gonna need it
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Re: (KinetikSLC)

you can buy the alen wrench thingy for 28 bucks. And then when you go to replace your strut bearings, buy the ones here http://www.vwparts.com/partlist.cfmlisttype=specials&getpart=71013#part71013
theyare the ones tha do not require alens to undo them or tighten them. Heard good things about these and they are cheep too.

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