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Was in a mark3 Jetta. Loved that car, but with full time college, part time job, driving home and all over and the mark3 kinda on its last legs (rust wise) I had to find something more reliable. Friend sold me his VR6.

Previous car:

New car:

VR6 stock motor
flowmaster 40
new dog bone mount
aluminum crack pipe
no rust (rare-ish for mn car)
custom pin stripes from an ex girl friend of the previous previous owner :confused: :mad: :thumbdown: :banghead:
Hella Celis lights... LMK if you want them, going up for sale soon.

Picking up some BBS RC's next paycheck
spinning down coils
work more on the motor on this car than stance and all.

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Both cars.:thumbup:
Both look good. If your like me, you'll miss the mkiii. Any closeups of the mkiv?
After 8 hours I knew I made the mistake of selling it. I miss her so much! Not yet, its been so cold here in MN where I go and take one picture and my fingers want to fall off.
Nice both look good
:thumbup: I hope you kept the MK3
I wish, but with college and a job I really don't have much spare time. Plus in order to get this car I had to sell the mk3. She went to a good home!
Looks good. I still miss my mk3 Jetta even though it was such a pile of crap lol. It was parted out tho--too much rust to be worth anything.
Mine was pretty rusty to. Thanks Minnesota. New owner already bought some ESM BBS RS reps within a day of owning her. :)

Instead of buying some RC's, someone locally is selling some Brock B2's that I might pickup. 18x8F and 18x10R. :O
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