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Re: So, I have compiled a list of common issues and remedies for the 2.0T (D.Passat00)

Within the last 6 months, I've had the intake runner control/tumble flap motor replaced, and now I'm having the intake camshaft replaced for the worn high pressure fuel pump lobe. The tumble flap motor problem occurred at about 25K miles and the cam lobe at 30K, so both have been covered under warranty. Both times, the symptoms were very similar, a dramatic loss of boost/power when accelerating, and what felt like a "limp mode", if only temporarily. Karen Radley VW in Woodbridge VA has been outstanding about servicing my car promptly and more importantly, correctly. They know the car's chipped, and so far, they're OK with it. BTW, I had the misfires issue when the car was new, and it ended up being a couple of defective fuel injectors. The dealer replaced all four injectors, and the misfires have not occurred again.
*UPDATE* I have my car back now, and the dealer replaced the intake camshaft and high pressure fuel pump at the same time. Problems solved! the car runs great now, better than ever.

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