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Re: So, I have compiled a list of common issues and remedies for the 2.0T (mazen...)

I had a CEL for several weeks and VW replaced my "Tumble flap motor." VW claimed the old one was stuck open. My wife had to drive it back home, as I was sick with the crud. Today was the first day I drove it since the repair. All I can say is "WOW! What a difference!
Now, I loose all power as the tach sweeps past 3,000 rpm. Can one botch the job? Can one repair affect something else?
I don't have VAGCOM, and am 120 miles from the nearest dealer. I will probably be back there this week for other issues. I have a feeling the mechanics aren't looking at things too well. So, how does one without diagnostic software gently guide these guys (who are supposed to be professionals) to be looking at particular things? You see, we are all "experts at a particular thing, but diagnosing newer model, turbocharged VW engines is not my field of experience and I really have other fields in my life I'm better at. These people know this, and I predict it will be futile to get into a pissing contest with a mechanic over why he's not looking at diverter valves.
Smell where I'm coming from?
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