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Fuel cut-out symptoms range from soft pulsations of power to long-pulse bucking
while in high-gear high-load situations (high gear at WOT, or up a grade). MIL may
flash if cut-out is severe. Car will also go into hard-limp (no boost, 4500RPM limit)
if severe enough.
Coil pack misfire (non-fire, lol) symptoms are shorter duration, rather violent, and
also result in backfires from unburnt fuel entering the exhaust system. The MIL
usually starts flashing. Car may or may not go into limp.
Pin-hole DV failures usually allow boost to spike, but will then suddenly vent boost.
Tearing in the DV usually only allows 6-7 PSI. Boost will not spike.
Front PCV failure usually results in oil accumulation around the filler cap, etc. as
Rear PCV failure usually results in oil accumulation around the DV, and will produce
a little blue oil smoke at WOT applications.

Modified by DirtyDisco. at 9:20 AM 7-31-2007
I am currently experiencing the fuel cut-out symptoms to a T...couldn't have described it better myself. What is the most common cause of this?
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