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So, my Magnaflow Cat-Back...

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Great group buy. I would just like to ask a few questions about it, since this is my first car, first exhaust system etc. etc. FREAKIN etc.
I heard the smell will go away after it's broken in. There was also a little bit of black smoke,and black liquid on the tips. Break-in period is what, 5days? I usually drive her under 3k rpms on a normal day. Weekends is usually 4k rpms. Now, I have to ask, how much performance is this cat-back system going to give me, and what can I use to polish the tips, so they shine. Heh, not that it matters, just curious. If I have anymore questions, I'll post them. But thanks for the help.
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Re: So, my Magnaflow Cat-Back... (AsTrObOyo2)

Break in was over the course of about 2 weeks for me, the smell just sorta died off. It'll quiet down a little too, once the padding inside the mufflers gets broken in and expands. The black liquid is normal in small quantities, just some carbon/condensation/misc crap in your exhaust that gets burned off after the car is warmed up. I usually use a paper towel or shop rag to clean the tips, and occasionally some Meguiars metal polish for extra shine
Re: So, my Magnaflow Cat-Back... (AsTrObOyo2)

Well, o.k straight from the source. Magnaflwo employee.
The smell is from the grease the mandrel bender uses to slip and slide inside the tubes while they are being bent. IT should last a day or maybe a few depending on much much you drive. As far as keeping your car below 3k RPM..these are german cars, made for cruising the autobahn,...wind her out, shell be happier with a exhaust on to do it.
Best thing to use to clean the tips,
Make a thick Comet paste, make sure its nice and gritty and use it with a rag/brush to scrub the tips until desired cleanliness.
Performance wise, anywhere from 4-8 HP (depending on other mods) Not that the power is everything to worry about but the best part is how much faster the car rev's, better it sounds and pulls on the top end.
3 strikes and im out!
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Re: So, my Magnaflow Cat-Back... (Zwoobah)

Wow, that was quick. Thanks a lot man, heh, lock the thread. hah, just kidding. Any more info is very much appreciated too. This helps reassure me on my precious buys, with my depleted bank account.

Now I just need info on performance gain.
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Re: So, my Magnaflow Cat-Back... (AsTrObOyo2)

I seem to have lost some bottom end and gained lots of top end pull, which I never seemed to have. Sounds great, and runs great smell is pretty much gone, its been like 3 days.
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