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Re: So whats up with the aftermarket N75 that was being tested? (SlvrBllt)

Jman... I didn't realize "test vehicle #3" was going to be there next weekend too... cool.... (those following this thread, I'm #2, or I guess I'll assign myself that number, and let Jman be the #1 man hehehehe)...
Anyhow... with regards to surging problems... I believe those are related to poor wastegate control algorithms in the chipping software.... when I upgraded from v1.0 to v1.1 of the APR software, my car's surging (or as i like to call it, pulsating) went away. That solved the problem for me.
Because it was gone already before going to the new N75, I cannot say for certain what the effects will be. Honestly I suggest a good chipping company with quality software -- if your car doesnt run to your satisfaction, I usually resolve that before making any new additional mods. But, if this N75 "solves" it great... we'll have to find out by having someone test one after we conclude track testing.
BTW, I'm the one who did some Block#120 dynos but the roads around here didnt really give me a chance to do them to my satisfaction. I'll play 'vag-com boy' next weekend and get some better testing.. but we ARE talking about potential double-digit HP/TQ gains we expect... cheers!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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