You may spend hours in your garage tinkering with and restoring your vintage Porsche, but have you ever thought about replacing that ratty, coffee-stained owner's manual?

Before you'd have to hop on eBay and hope to find a copy of the proper owner's manual for your car in decent shape. Now Porsche has decided to reprint the owner's manuals for almost all of its old cars, though, allowing owners to waltz into their nearest Porsche dealer and purchase a brand new copy for their car - whether it's an every-day 911 or a rare 959.

Porsche is reissuing over 700 different manuals from its past,  covering almost every single Porsche sports car from the 356 to the 996-generation 911. The manuals are available to buy from the Porsche Classic website now, with prices starting at around 75 euros and extending to just over 122 euros for the coveted (and likely quite thick) 959 manual.

The manuals are another part of the rapidly expanding Porsche Classic parts division, which is seeing success as the vintage Porsche market explodes and resale values climb.

“Tradition is one of our core brand values,” Porsche Classic director Alexander Fabig said last year. “It’s not just about restoring and caring for old cars, but looking into the future, making sure our customers have fun with these cars for decades.”

You can browse the Porsche Classic store for the reprinted manuals at this link .