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We had a dumping of snow a couple days ago and on my way back from my girlfriends house my ABS light came on after I had used it a few times. I shut the car off and restarted and the light went off. Brakes all felt good no problems. I parked it for a few days since my summer tires are ****ty in the snow. Today I took my front drivers side caliper off because one of the squeal shims was falling off the pad and hitting the rotor. I had to slightly depress the piston to get the caliper back in place. I put everything back together and went for a spin and I could not get the brakes to work unless I pumped them, feels like I have unbled brakes. If I pumped them alot the ABS light would come on and then go away. What does this problem sound like? The previous owner had the front calipers replaced right before me buying the car and until the snow fall my ABS was never needed. Im going out on a limb here guessing that there is a possibility that there was air in ABS system and when the ABS cylced the air was let into my braking system.
If I have just the ignition on the ABS pump will cycle and shut off normally but if I hit the brakes the ABS pump will kick in again until it builds pressure and then it shuts off, seems like the when I pump the pedal the system is loosing pressure somehwere. Does that sound like a pressure accumulator?
ABS light stays off until I pump the brakes!

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