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I'm selling my OEM Pretoria wheels that came with my 2019 Golf R. The wheels have only 10k on them, and the tires have around 3K. They are in perfect shape structurally, and good shape aesthetically. No big scrapes or digs whatsoever.

The tires are Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4's with 3k miles on them, so basically new. That 3k was mostly put on a highway road trip to South Carolina, so the tread is in perfect shape. I'm going to throw in a summer set of tires that are also in perfect shape. They're the tires that this car comes with from the factory, the Conti Sport Performance Tire. Those are not pictured but they're really solid for warmer weather.

As another bonus freebie, I have a $250 ECS Tuning spacer kit that makes the wheels perfectly flush with the body of the car. It make the wheels and car look even better together, and I loved the look of it. I can send you pics of how they fit on the car if you'd like.

The total cost of everything I'm selling is around $3.5K so this is a great deal for someone that wants a fresh pair of wheels and brand new performance tires. The tires alone are $1100 after installation.

I'm willing to travel and meet up at a halfway point up to 2 hours away from Brooklyn. I will also consider shipping, but it's probably going to be pricy. Please let me know if you'd like more pics or have any questions. Thanks!



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