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Hello All,

I have decided that it is time I sell my first B4V. I have had this car since March 25, 2015 and it has definitely been one of the best cars I have owned. I bought the car from a guy up in boulder, he was the second owner. This car has been on many trips and has remained my daily driver for the past 6 years. It has been extremely reliable, only requiring regularly scheduled maintenance, which has been performed on time, every time. The car currently has 314,750 miles on it and still runs strong. I would not hesitate to jump in, and drive it across the country today. Below is a list of everything that has been done on it within the past 2 years (all performed by myself and all receipts retained):

Intake Manifold Cleaned
Intake Manifold Gasket
New Battery
Replaced Front Passenger Door Handle With OEM one that works well.
Lubed Front Drivers door handle so it works well
Rears could use a little love
Oil Change at 310,000 (Rotella T6)
Fuel Filter Change at 310,000
New Clutch and flywheel
Rear Main Seal
Intermediate Shaft Seal
Remanufactured Axles from CVJ Axles (they use OEM boots, the ones with the very stiff rubber)
Timing belt changed at 310,000 miles
Front Main Seal
MK4 Glow Plug Wires with added spade connectors for easy disconnect
New Alpine Type-R door speakers in front

More than 2 years ago:

Blend doors now have metal ducting tape on them so no foam in your face
Changed heater core

With every fill-up I have added 16oz of TC-W4 two stroke motor oil and Power Service
I have never had any problems with the instrument cluster which was changed out when the previous one died on the previous owner, what is shown is 30,000 miles less than actual. I have made sure to take care of it, turning all lights off, allowing the fuel gauge to fully come up and glow plug relay to cycle on cold starts so as to not fry the cluster.

The body is rough as can be seen in the photos, the previous owner backed the drivers quarter panel across a tree. The rust spot has gotten worse over the past 6 years but it is slow as evidenced by this photo from back in 2015. There is some rust forming around the rear hatch window and on the bottom half of the rear passenger door. The tires should be good for another 10,000 miles or so, I bought them last year. One was purchased this year because something put a 1.5" gash in the old one.

All in all this is an extremely solid car, it has been a privilege owning such a fantastic piece of machinery, but it is time to go to someone else. Due to the more recent maintenance that has been done on the car, the fact that it will not need anything more than oil and filter changes in the foreseeable future, I would very much like to get $2500 for it. Now, for current photos:

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