*Fits 2012-2018 2.0T, 1.8T, 1.4T Jettas and GLIs (Verify yourself at the AWE site linked below)
Was only installed for less than a month, with <800 miles on it.

Nothing wrong with it at all, just was a little bit louder than I like, went back to the Touring with the muffler.
Cleaned it up and coated it with Dr. Beasley's Metal Coat.
Will ship in the original UroTuning box I received it in.

Bought new for $230 two months ago, asking for $180 shipped.

You must already have the AWE Touring exhaust for this to fit
This is to replace the section with the muffler, not a standalone product.

It's a very easy swap that takes literally like 5-10 minutes including jack-up and lowering time. Undo one 15mm clamp, remove from the hanger, swap tips over, reverse steps for installation of the conversion kit.

SKU: 3810-11048