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Selling my MK4 TDI 5sp.

I bought this car in 2015 when I was commuting long distances to work, the 43mpg was a huge savings! The previous owner was a mechanic for Fletcher Jones and has been kept maintained, unmodified, and super clean for its age. This car is a champ, and has never given me any issues. I wanted to run this car forever but I'm moving and purchased a 2006 Touareg for space and towing.

The Good:
  • Stack of papers showing all records
  • New Tires
  • New Battery
  • New Alternator
  • New Brakes
  • New Fuel filter and hoses
  • Passed Smog
  • 5sp Manual
  • Smoked GLI Tail lights (I have the factory red ones as well).
  • No gummy interior
  • Snow chains included (used once)

The Bad:
  • Rubber window trim is sooty
  • Plastic trim is brittle (typical with age)
  • Paint looks great but has seen better days
  • Slow as hell but 43mpg!!
  • Mystery taillight code causes glowplug light to blink but multiple mechanics haven't been able to figure that one out! It's a non-issue.

Model year 1999.5 with 289,000mi. I purchased at 230K. If it hasn't broken by now, this thing will last forever.







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