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This is my 16v ABA (ABF clone?) that I had built for my race car. The engine was built and then I had an issue with the machine work on the head so the head was removed and rebuilt again. The head now has 0 miles on it. The bottom end only has a few miles from testing before we discovered the issues with the head. All issues are now resolved, everything rotates smoothly and properly, and I am selling this engine with EVERYTHING you need to connect it to any OBD1 MK3 Golf or Jetta.

Build details
16v head from a 1987 GTI Cleaned, decked, ported, polished
Techtonics 276 Cams
Techtonics HD Valvesprings
Techtonics Lightweight Lifters
Techtonics Titanium Retainers
Ferrera Valves
SPA Turbo 2.5mm MLS head Gasket/Spacer
ABA block from 1994 Golf GL cleaned, decked, bored to 83mm
OEM VW Forged Crank and Rods, balanced and blueprinted
King Engine Bearings
Wossner 83mm ABF Pistons 11:1 CR (Head spacer should drop this to about 10.5:1)
BBM 16v Conversion Crank Pulley
BBM 16v Conversion fuel rail
Focus SVT Injectors, cleaned, flow tested, and matched by South Bay Injectors
New OEM Water Pump
New OEM Oil Pump
New Water necks
New OEM Temp, pressure, crank, sensors
New OEM Nuts/Bolts
New OEM Belts
Techtonics Breather Engine block breather blockoff plate
Oil catch can
NGK Iridium IX Plugs
Serpentine belt conversion

In addition this will include:
16v Exhaust manifold header wrapped
Techtonics Tuning custom 16v Downpipe (connects to stock style MK3 exhaust)
Passat 16v Throttle Body
Complete intake tubes and MAF
2 Techtonics Tuning OBD1 ECU chips (7000 and 7200 rpm redline, motor can handle significantly more but was set to this level for endurance racing, TT will reprogram a chip for $35 fee)
All required coolant hoses, some from BBM some custom made.

Basically you will get everything you need to make this work in an OBD1 MK3 Golf or Jetta except car side fuel lines and AFPR and you will need an 1 1/8" npt temp sensor as there is an open hole by the water neck on the side of the block where I had an aftermarket gauge connected.

Easily close to $7,000 into this motor, receipts and more pics available.


Engine located in Port Washington, NY local delivery available, additional fee possible depending on distance. Also willing work with buyer to arrange shipping if needed.

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