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Well i sold my mark2 gti thursday, and my mark 4 gti saturday. I will miss both cars especially the mk4. i bought it 3 years ago went through many changes had alot of fun with the car was a blast to drive. I recently got a lot of body work done trunk shaved, bmp paint, etc..I didnt sell it because i hate vw or anything. Im just going up the chain to a r32..

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Ya it was a 1.8T . i really love how the vr6 sounds and the r32 just does it for me.also i sold it to a guy here on vortex which has another mk4 so it went to a good home.

the car went to my bro, jti 18t, and im the one with the other mk4
liking his car already...just gotta do something bout that stock ride height!

in good hands
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