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Solid Engine Mounts

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I already posted this message on the Yahoo Fox club and I just wanted to make sure everyone see's it.
"Tommorrw I might be making some solid mounts for my Fox. I will use some old mounts that I have lying around and take measurments and cut out all the rubber and keep the sections of the mounts that have the bolts in it. I'm gonna then head over to my uncle and see if he has some wedged sized peices of steel and let him mig weld it into the 2 peices to make it one whole mount again.
How stiff do you all think it will be ? Will my car vibrate at idle lol ???
BTW. I have drove my bro's car ('94 Integra GSR) which has in 3 polyurethane mounts and everytime I take off with it the change in the dashboard giggles. When he just put them in the whole dashboard used to jump but they have worn since.
Do you think it will be worse than ( I really think so since they will not be able to move at all) that or will I break or bend my subframe or mount mounts brackets if I do a burnout at full trottle ?
Thanks "
I thinked up this idea 2 nights ago when I was bored
and it is the only way that we can make stiffer mounts unless you send your mounts to energy suspension and let them make custom poly mounts for the fox and that would cost some $$.
Tell me what you think.
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Re: Solid Engine Mounts (hackercarlos)

I'd say solid mounts are a no-no.
It will cause excessive flex and wear on your car, transmission, drivetrain, etc. Even in our alcohol burning dirt track cars, we don't do solid mounts.
What purpose are you trying to achieve with these?
and.. umm... why?
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