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Solid Lifters or Hydrolic Lifters???

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On a 16V what is the better way to go?
What lift and duration is the best for the most performance?
I was thinking of going with schrick
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Re: Solid Lifters or Hydrolic Lifters??? (Mk2GTI87)

Stay with the hydrolic lifters and cam(s) designed for them. There are no valve adjustments required and there is no real advantage to solid lifters, assuming the hydrolic lifters are in good shape. If they aren't, replace them.
Best cams... What is the application? Which motor, 1.8L or 2.0L? Is the motor in a realtively like MK1 or MK2? The euro intake is good and relatively cheap. Techtonic offers a new cam set that is said to not degrade the low end and offer a nice boost up high as well.
Re: Solid Lifters or Hydrolic Lifters??? (Mk2GTI87)

What are you talking about Sean?
I will agree with you for a street car but if you want a screeming racecar with big top end HP you will need to go with solid lifters. Of course you will need to change the pistons (bigger grooves to allow for valve clearance) But with the solid lifters you will be able to use crazy cams (over 310's easily) and rev the engine to 8000rpm's easily.
You choose!
Re: Solid Lifters or Hydrolic Lifters??? (volksdubber)

its an 87 gti 1.8 16v, tt 2.25 exhaust modded air box and tt fuel enrichment mod. I want high reving with a good hp gain.
so you are saying that if i go with the solid lifters i can rev higher but i would have to change the pistons?
I like the idea of reving high, but I am just looking to throw in a set of cams, not change the pistons and stuff like that,
whats your recomendation
i really don't know to much about cams, i am learning as i go
Re: Solid Lifters or Hydrolic Lifters??? (Mk2GTI87)

volksdubber... you may have missed that I asked what the application was? Even if you had the cams that "really" produced power out to 8,000 rpm, hydrolic lifters are not the limiting factor.
Mk2GTI87... the "euro" intake cam will give you a noticeable boost without much loss of low end power....8 hp or so, modification dependant. The cam sets, intake and exhaust, give you more power above 5,500 rpms or so out to 7,500 rpm or so, depending on duration, with a loss of bottom end power....12 hp tis said. Take a look at the Techtonic web-site and look at the cam specification page.
Re: Solid Lifters or Hydrolic Lifters??? (SHH)

If you want hi-reving and power, go for 289 cams. These are as big as you can go with the hydrolic lifters. You will loose some of the bottom end though, but if you are looking for power... Don't forget the schrick valve springs, they are just as important as the cams...
good luck!
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