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Solution to my acceleration/CEL problem

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The following were items I was told to look at:
timing belt
vacuum lines
loose throttle body
clogged injector
dirt in fuel line
bad MAF
dirty MAF
camshaft position sensor
Neuspeed valve
distributor/cap (N/A)
plug wires seated properly
MAF wiring
injector seated properly
fuel pump
fuel pressure regulator
coil pack (N/A)
leaky injector
fuel rail
fuel pressure regulator
I checked all of the things in the list below that I could, even changing out ECUs and a MAF with a friend. No dice.
I had also thought it might be a bad tank of gas, but I get gas at the same place 99% of the time, and even after I filled up and took it for a spin the problem remained.
I ended up getting a VAG-COM and it just said cyclinder 3 was misfiring, which led me back to my original suspicions, the plugs and the wires. I had already changed the plugs (Bosch) and it cleared it for a bit, then the problem returned.
So I went and got some new plug wires. And that was it.
And there was a funny thing about the original plug wires. If you go out and look at how your plug wires are labelled, it goes like this:
A - 1
B - 3
C - 2
D - 4
The number is towards the plug and the letter is on the boot by the ignition module.
Anyway, the plug wires on mine said
A - 1
B - 3
B - 2
D - 4
So, the meathead who did the substandard work on the plug wire grabbed the wrong boot and then made a crappy connection. Lasted for a few months, but eventually was not good enough.
At least I have a VAG-COM now.

Here is the original thread:
P.S. For those of you who think the Wolfsburg-built cars are superior, my plug wires, and the car, were made in Germany. So much for that myth.
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Re: Solution to my acceleration/CEL problem (Vickers)

Oh, and to top it off:
As soon as I put the plug wires on (and double-checked everything) I cranked it up, it idled for a moment...and the CEL went off. I was ecstatic.
Ran to the house, yelled to my wife that I had it fixed and was going to take it for a spin. Hopped in, buckled up, let the windows down:
and the driver's side window fell into the door. 4th time that has happened.
Took it to the dealer; they fixed it under warranty since that side was last repaired in May (the passenger side went out in July).
Re: Solution to my acceleration/CEL problem (Vickers)

Vickers, were these your OEM wires or did you have aftermarket? What kind are the new wires?
Re: Solution to my acceleration/CEL problem (JettaRed)

Happy to see your problem is fixed!
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JR, was gonna order but ended up getting new wires from dealer ($49). Worked like a charm, and much better construction than the originals (must've been Oktoberfest or something).
Golf_2K2L, you and me both!
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