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Motor Trend has published a news story on the Volkswagen Polo based largely upon a discussion with Volkswagen development boss Ulrich Hackenberg at the Detroit Auto Show last week. The thrust of the story is that the next Polo (on the same PQ25 chassis as the current one) will be sold in the USA and, to do that profitably, will be built at the company's Puebla, Mexico facility.
Towards the end of the piece, the article also addresses the upcoming Audi A1. Interesting rumors that are unconfirmed by our sources are that a production Audi A1 could pop up at September's Frankfurt Auto Show (quite possible in our opinion) and an S1 version would use the company's 2.0T FSI engine (unconfirmed from our end, but it'd be very cool).
We did find one detail that is inconsistent with what we know. MT says the A1 will be based on the new Volkswagen Group MQB (modular transverse) architecture. We've asked several Audi executives about this, including Audi's own development boss Michael Dick, and we've been told the A1 will be still based on PQ25 as its development began long before MQB was finalized.
MT also says a Q3 is imminent and will be based on MQB. We've heard similar rumors.
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