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Some good info and some questions.

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I will try to make this quick. I had a Split Second BCS in my car. I wanted a little more power after awhile, so a friend gave me a TurboXS 2 stage manual boost controller. Not having a boost gauge I left the BCS installed and used it to adjust the boost up higher than the BCS would give, just by a little guess work. I just removed the factory electric waste gate control valve completely. Then I did get a boost gauge and found I was running 17 psi. The car ran great, good power. Then when I removed the Split Second BCS, thinking I no longer needed it, power went back to stock, even with the TurboXS valve installed, and I got the cell light which I never got before. Up until the removal of the BCS, I have been running the car like this for 7 months. Now for the questions.
What signal was the Split Second BCS modifying to allow the motor to run such high boost with good power? Also I noticed that I could build around 14 psi or so at like 2500 rpm with no power, then where the Split Second BCS's power would kick in normaly ( 3000 or so), the car would just take off, even though boost pressure would still be the same.
Any one have any info on this. I think there might be an economical power gain here I just need some more info.
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Re: Some good info and some questions. (2001Seat Ibiza Cupra 1.8t)

No one has any kind of technical advice? Guess I will try the other vw turbo forums.
Re: Some good info and some questions. (2001Seat Ibiza Cupra 1.8t)

My advice is to return your car to stock and get a chip. No need for all the fiddling around when you can get safe, optimized performance for $300.
Re: Some good info and some questions. (dbrowne1)


the intake manifold pressure sensor located on the top of the IC in a Jetta sends a signal to the ECU.
I believe that this signal is the one that the BCS fakes to get higher boost. It outputs about 3V at 7psi.
Just clamp this signal, either with an external diode and resistor clamp circuit or use the SSBCS
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