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Some odd problems with a 99.5 WE Jetta vr6

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Hello all-
I bet none of you recognise me, because I am usually over in the Corrado or g60 forums where I belong. But, my older brother has been having some odd problems with his car, and he asked me to inquire about them for him. The car is a 1999.5 Wolfsburg Jetta vr6, and it has about 60k miles on it.
First problem is with the shifter. There are two problems: first of all, there is a lot of side-to-side play in the shifter. (ie when it is in gear, you can wiggle it from side to side pretty easily.) I actually have this same problem in my Corrado, and I know I could fix it by replacing a plastic bushing on the end of the shift mechanism. Is there a similar repair for his Jetta? The other problem is with reverse/1st gear. He's said that several times, He'll put the car in reverse, and 1st gear will engage instead. I've heard of this happening too. Are these two problems easily fixable from inside the car, or do you need to drop the exhaust and take the shift box out from under the car?
Second problem is not something I'm looking for a fix for, but rather just something odd that happened - I wanna see if any of you have experienced this. He hit a curb pretty hard with the front passenger wheel. Absolutely no visible damage to the tire or alloy wheel though. But what did get damaged was the windshield - there's a 3" or 4" long crack running horizontal out from the edge of the windshield right around where the outside mirror is on the door. (ie about 6" up from the lower passenger corner of the windshield) I've never heard of or seen this happen before. Any of you experience something like this?
Anyways, I guess that's it. We're both DIY types, so I'm not expecting anything difficult from the shifter problem - I'm looking for advice on what's wrong/what we need to do/where to get parts though.
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Re: Some odd problems with a 99.5 WE Jetta vr6 (einsig)

Okay, maybe i got some of the details about the car wrong. He's owned two jettas in the last few years. This one is quite definitely a mkIV vr6. Maybe it was his other one that was a WE. Can anyone comment on the shifter problem?
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