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Some pis of my car

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Some pics of my car

i posted this in the mkIV forum but unless any of you dont check that out heres the thread..nothing specail..but i just washed it and its clean...in 40 degree weather.

[Modified by JoeP3000, 4:57 PM 2-13-2002]
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Re: Some pics of my car (JoeP3000)

I wash my car almost once a week, winter or not...
I have a whole system worked out, involving latex gloves and an extra bucket of warm water for when my hands get numb... Call me crazy, but the 90 looks http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif 90% of the time.
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Re: Some pics of my car (ThePuke)

so when should i bring my car by to get washed?
Re: Some pics of my car (flipp)

I can fit you in the 13th of febuary.
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