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spark plug day!

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Yeah, so I was sitting around and decided to do my plugs. WOW
good thing I did them now and didn't wait any longer! Not only were they some cheezy cheap brand, but they look like they've gone over 100k miles. Probably the cause of my intermittent C/E lights that would come on for no apparent reason. My plug wires are almost gone too, so those are on order.

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Re: spark plug day! (germanrox)

Come over anytime to work on the car! Another excuse to use the torque wrench! :-D

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Re: spark plug day! (imnoteuro)

dang thats harsh...maybe i should get mine checked out...hmm
Re: spark plug day! (germanrox)

I think my plug wires are pretty corroded, I'm getting this funky miss/hesitation at like 3500rpms on, but only sometimes. Other times it just pulls like a vr6 w/giac!
Re: spark plug day! (germanrox)

Yeah, the miss is really weird. The oddest part was how sporatic it was, and that it appeared to be more then one cylinder that was missing. I guess we'll see on Thursday.
Re: spark plug day! (germanrox)

Sounds like one of your plug wires is arcing... Maybe even your coil pack...
Re: spark plug day! (germanrox)

jeesssss! Plug gaps are measured in thou, not inches!!!
Re: spark plug day! (jcorallo)

Well, just had a loose plug wire. Anyways, that's taken care of, now I just wait till my new OEM wires come in on Thursday! I can already feel a little better pickup from the motor w/the new plugs compared to those old crap-o ones
Re: spark plug day! (germanrox)

i could be wrong but those plugs don't look to bad imo...a lil carbon but the electrode is still intact..looks normal to me..a bad plug wire will definately cause the probs you described..the plugs probably did'nt cause it..my 2 pennies though...
Re: spark plug day! (spooled_2ltr)

that 'trode was pretty shot, it actually felt like sandpaper, and was WHITE too. I'll try to get some close-up pics for ya.
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