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Spark plug --> Engine light

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got a few questions that im sure are easy ones...these are all pertaining to my first tune up project of my 2.0l 1999 Golf.
First, i changed the rotor & Distributor cap. then i changed spark plugs of cylinder 1 and cylinder 4 (both ends) and now its too dang cold to do the other ones, so i will have to wait for tomorrow. GOod thing is that the car started so i got all my wires right. The idle is not all that rough but when i step on gas it gets a little rougher, the engine shakes. Is this because i didnt do the other spark plugs ?
I got the Bosh Platinum pllugs from UAP Napa. I thought they were pre-gapped for the right size. am i right or do i need to run out and adjust them? Could this be causing the rough idle?.... the spec is 0.024 inch gap and it looked about right.
Also, the Check Engine light came on. is this because the spark plugs are split with 2 good ones and 2 bad ones?? I was able to back the car no problem and drove it forward a little bit to park it. no stall or anything.
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p.s. any special tools to remove the cylinder 2 & 3 boots off the spark plugs?
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Re: Spark plug --> Engine light (maxt)

quote:[HR][/HR]p.s. any special tools to remove the cylinder 2 & 3 boots off the spark plugs?[HR][/HR]​
I used a flat head screwdriver at the base of the plug and just pried it up.
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