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I already checked the FAQ thread and didn't see anything that helped, although I guess I could have missed it...
About a month ago, I purchased an '87 GTI 16v with the later 2.0-liter swapped in. It's still running the CIS-E system, the engine management WAS NOT upgraded to the Motronic system. It has the Schrick 268 cams, extrude honed head, high-flow cat, and cat-back exhaust. I am planning on getting a fuel enrichment module soon.
The previous owner said that the only things he really had problems with (other than the A/C not working) were the spark plugs. With the aforementioned modifications, would the spark plugs need to be gapped differently than what the Bentley manual (yet to be purchased) recommends for the stock vehicle? Would it be a good idea to run cooler plugs?
Any help would be appreciated.
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