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Spark Plugs

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Sorry if it is archived on the Search Database, but I just need a quick summary of How to change spark plugs on the New Beetle 2.0 engine? I'm not sure if it's twist and pull to get the spark plug wires out or just pull. It looks like it has something on the side that I'm supposed to squeeze?
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Re: Spark Plugs (GTEYE 18T)

Well i have a 2001 jetta and you can just pull the wires out of the block. Use a pair of plyers the first time and make sure you pull the metal part of the wires, not the black part. Thast about it. Have fun!!
Re: Spark Plugs (maltesej)

If you find it too difficult to pull the wires from cylinder 2 and 3 go to the dealership and get a plug wire puller, it's like $12, it made my life a bit easier! You can always remove the wire connectors to the injectors to get pliers in there a bit better too.
Re: Spark Plugs (StevenT)

Extra long needle nosed pliers work great...just make sure to get down on the plug boot so as not to damage the boot/wire connection! I also find a "wobble" extension good to use with the plug socket (duct tape socket to extension so the rubber insert won't pull socket off the extension as you try to remove it from the plug after install. Dont forget the antisieze on the plug threads! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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