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speakers and amp

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i have an amp of 80watts per channel (40 watts rms), and 2 speakers of 100watts (20watts rms).
is it allowed to connect the speakers to the amp?
if not, is there any device that can reduce the amp output, like a resistor?
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Re: speakers and amp (uncle sam)

There should be a gain adjustment on you amp. Basicly a volume control. Then as for the speakers handeling the power, you can just tell that by ear to adjust the gain to where it works best with the speakers.
Re: speakers and amp (Ruffies)

I don't think you'll have a problem.Just set up the gains properly and you should be fine.Also, the amplifier gain adjustment is NOTa volume control.You set the gain and forget it.
Re: speakers and amp (MADBUG)

Always wondered what exactly the gain did - I knew it wasnt a volume control. I think it has something to do with voltage - generally speaking, the higher the preout voltage, the lower the gain setting?
Re: speakers and amp (am1899)

Yes,that's correct.The gain control is basically telling the pre-amp(voltage)portion of the amp how much signal is comming to it from the hu or other processor.If the hu or processor has a 4vrms signal output to the amp,and the gain control on the amp has a maximum of 4v,then you leave the gain adjustment all the way down,counter-clockwise.When you turn it clock-wise,you are telling the pre-amp portion of the amp to increase the signal voltage,because there isn't enough comming in.
Now,if your hu puts out 4vrms,does this mean that it always puts out this level reguardless of hu volume?No!! If the hu is rated for 4vrms,the output is actually around 3vrms @max undistorted volume setting.So if you reduce the hu volume then the output level will be less then 3v clean.So,how the hell do you set the amp gain,if the hu output level changes in relation to the volume?What you want to do is set the amp gain with the hu at max undistorted volume.For example,my JVC SH-99 has a max volume setting of 50.At 46 the music signal begins to clip.So,at 44 or 45,this is where I want to adjust my amp gain.Start with the amp gain all the way down,counter clockwise.Then start slowly turning it up.When I hear the music distorting,then I back the gain down a bit.Listen to music that's very dynamic,and was recorded with a high signal level.If you use a cd that was recorded with a low level,you won't be able to max out your volume without distortion/clipping.
I know this is kinda long,but hopefully it helps.
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Re: speakers and amp (MADBUG)

Thanks for clearing that up Madbug!
Re: speakers and amp (MADBUG)

Hey guys thanks for corecting me about the gain=volume. Just figured if you turned it up it put out more power to the speaker and if you turned it down less power went to the speaker.
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