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spearco intercooler

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i just got off the off the phone with spearco and they need the exact specs on the side mounted intercooler in our beetles in order to make a larger one using that info.... this could benefit all of us so please PLEASE if anyone has this info(width, height, inlet and outlet diameters, etc) reply to this.... i know a front mount would be better but i am trying to go with a stealth approach.....
i have also been quoted $500 for the custom IC........

thank you.....
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Re: spearco intercooler (BEAU-SOF)

I've got a Spearco for my Beetle...18" long, 10" high and 6" thick for the RSi type bumper. The bumper carrier will have to be removed. Doesn't how big the pipes may be which I run a 3"...Never buy a complete kit....so much cheaper without the middleman...I can send some pics of how it looks like...you can go to http://www.sonicmotorsports.com to see it without the bumper on...Just go to projects and under Tim's Beetle...
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Re: spearco intercooler (secretwatersTTurbo)

Looks good. I'm wondering if getting a TT inlet maifold would be better since the TB is on the other side, so the piping wouldn't have to loop back like that.
Re: spearco intercooler (stuex)

you wouldn't have to take the bumper apart...just the front tires...my only concern ever was to get enough air to the turbo...
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