Stephan Winklemann, Bugatti’s CEO, says that his company’s peerless W16 could stick around into the coming decade because of collectors.

While speaking to the UK’s Autocar, Winkelmann said that although Bugatti’s range of engines will have to expand, that doesn’t necessarily mean the W16 is dead.

“The W16 has, in my opinion, an opportunity for the future,” Winkelmann told Autocar. It’s a USP which is not diminishing in value.”

Winkelmann’s reasoning is pretty simple. People don’t buy Bugatti’s like they buy other cars. So, while there’s value in being at the forefront of technology, there’s also value in being old fashioned.

“The internal combustion engine is something that will grow in value,” explained Winkelmann. “People are buying Bugattis because they want to enjoy the ultimate performance but also—and this is legitimate—because it’s an investment.”

Winklemann then pointed to the values of the EB110 and the Veyron are both rising.

“I don’t have to be a wizard to forecast that this will happen to the Chiron and therefore, I’m committing to the fact that this is the way to go for the hyper sportscar in the next decade.”