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Our favorite German Audi blog Qarsi.de has posted a shot of an S5 Cabriolet wearing the nose of an RS 5 spied at the Audi Forum Ingolstadt. This is the second S5 Cabrio we've seen fitted with the RS chin and the first led a number of our readers to suggest this might be an indication of the facelift expected next year.

So What Do We Think?
Two things come to mind. First, we heard reference of a "Cabriolet" in a discussion with highly-placed contacts in regards to future RS product. In all likelihood there will be an RS 5 Cabriolet and Audi is probably waiting for the facelift to release this new model.

Is this car an RS 5 Cabriolet mule? We're not positive but we doubt it. We've only ever seen front shots of the car and we'd ask anyone visiting the Audi Forum who spots one of these cars (probably parked by building A50 or in the executive side of the underground parking garage) to get some other angle shots and especially a shot of the exhaust tips... or maybe a shot of the instrument cluster and especially the tachometer.

The fact that the cars have been spotted on the executive side and not on the road or coming in and out of the gate nearest the development facility makes us wonder though if this is just a modified spec requested by an executive. Audi AG's execs have a long tradition of building something with a little extra flair and perhaps that's simply what this is.

The last possibility though is that of the aforementioned facelifted S5. This also could very well be. When the TT got its mid-cycle product improvement the TT went with the S-line bumper and the TT S-line went to the TTS bumper with a few very minimal changes. Audi may go this route with the A5/S5 facelift though a top source in Audi Design suggested well over a year ago that the facelift on the A5/S5 would be "quite extensive... think B6 to B7". If that's the case, then we doubt such a subtle modification would be representative of the update.

Full Story - Qarsi.de
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