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My FK Springs finally should be arriving this Wednesday sometime after the long trip across the water. I wanted to install em on my stock struts seeing as I'm only getting a 40 mm drop (site warns anything above 40 would require sport struts).

First time doing anything of this sort so I have no idea what to do, anyone with some experience (and Tools) want to volunteer to help a fellow VW owner out and install for me? I can provide the :beer: of your choice to compensate and of course a very small cash consideration as well .

I'm located in Brooklyn, NY (obv) and want to install on Wednesday if daylight permits (who knows when UPS will get here) if not Thurs or Fri will be fine.

If this works, I would have found some decent wheels, disabled my DRL's, and got rid of that annoying seatbelt warning ALL on Vortex...restoring my faith in humanity :peace:
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