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What do you think is better to get the neuspeed sport springs or the H&R sport springs or any other springs
i have 98 GTI 2.0
w/ koni shocks,TT exhust,neuspeed 25mm swaybar,
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Re: Springs (Rawla)

I would recommend that you avoid Neuspeed.
I have used the H&R Sport springs and was happy with them for performance but for me, they were not low enough.
If you are looking for something that will drop you more than an inch and a half, I would recommend that you look into the Eibach Sportline Springs, Weitech, or Jamex. The Eibachs drop about 1.7 if I'm not mistaken but you can get Weitech or Jamex springs that are closer to 2 to 3 inch drops if I'm not mistaken.
Just make sure you do your research and that you know what you want. If you are looking for a sporty look as well as good handling, it can be difficult to find exactly what your looking for unless others are willing to chime in with their own experiences.
Another option would be to look into Ground Control Coilover Sleeves. They will provide you with a greater degree of adjustability (because the sleeves allow for height adjustability) so that you can do more to tailor your own ride height. They cost around $400 though so your paying for that adjustability. They use good quality Eibach springs as well and would match your Konis very well. I would recommend that you ask for the shorter front springs if you are going to do that though.
Good luck.
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Re: Springs (Dubster)

How much of a drop are you lookin for?
Re: Springs (Rawla)

Dunno why people still keep knocking Neuspeed... I bought the SofSport springs a couple of years ago and have been incredibly happy with them. Got a set of Boge shocks at the same time. That setup lowered the front a couple inches, as well as the back... Still lets me deal with NYC roads without bottoming out and gives me a nice firm euro ride... Nothing crazy.
If you don't want a 3-4" drop and you don't want a tooth-rattling ride, I'd recommend the Neuspeed any day.
Re: Springs (volswagn)

I got Eibach Sportlines, and my cousin has neuspeed races. we seem to be sitting at just about the same height. sportlines drop 1.9" all around.
Re: Springs (vwcruisn)

H&R cupkit. It's everything you need. Progressive rate springs, custom valved shocks, bushings and all the other odds and ends. [email protected] has the deals, call him up! #'s in the sig
Re: Springs (Rawla)

I had i set of H&R sports on my jetta. The ride was great i had them with some bilstien sports but was not anough of a drop for me. So i went with some neuspeed race springs now im happy with these nice drop i can take turns like crazy fast now and ride is stiff but not as bad as some people gripe about the. Maybe there just used to driveing in cars with smooshy suspecions like mercedes or something. I had a cj7 jeep now that thing had a bad ride.
Re: Springs (germanrox)

im need for speed, for 345 you can get a full weitec kit!
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