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2018 SQ5
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Hey folks, picked up a lightly-used 2018 SQ5 (Premium Plus in florett silver) nearly a year ago and overall I'm very, very happy with the purchase. Following 3 GTIs in a row (in order: 20th AE, mk5, mk7), I'm enjoying the similarly-impressive compromise of sport and everyday comfort in a much more versatile (and family-minded) format.

That said, I went ahead and upgraded all 3 GTIs with REVO stage 1 a year or so into ownership. Didn't have a single issue with any of the cars, and especially impressed at the 20th AE (purchased at 120k mi, stage 1 at 125k, owned until 170k until it was sold to a friend). Based on this track record, I can't help but wonder how much fun the SQ5 would be with a stage 1 tune from Unitronic or APR. Any feedback/experiences here? (especially wrt reliability etc).

Arguably a less loaded question: looking for a roof box/carrier for the SQ5 that'll fit nicely on OEM bars. Let me know what you're running and what you think!🍺
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