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OK fellas, I have 2 things that bother me about my car and I need some help fixing them. They are non-critical (as far as I know) but bother me a lot. I'm sure there are some other anal dub drivers like me that just want everything to be just right. Anyway, here it goes..
(1) I have a set a Neuspeed sport springs on my 1996 VW Jetta (2.0) and ever since they got installed I have this metallic squeaking noise coming from my front right suspension somewhere. It is strange, I have had the dealer look at it a couple of times, and they always think that they fix it. The thing is that when the car is in warm (> 60 F) the noise dissappears. The noise primarily happens when I take off in 1st or shift from 1st to 2nd. Believe me, it is a friggin' mystery.
(2) I have a TT 2.25" exhaust. I got it installed and everything was fine for a while. Now sometimes when there is a heavy load in the left rear part of my car (where the exhaust runs) it rattles very loudly. Sometimes it also rattles a little when there is no one back there, again primarily when I take off in 1st.
(3) My windshield sprayer stopped working. I replaced the fluid reservoir because I was told that the one I had has a hole in it. Didn't fix the problem. I took it to VW because I thought that one of my hoses had a hole in it, but they told me that my reservoir had a hole again--no biggie to replace--but then they told me that something in my computer had to be reset for it to work right. Immediately the BS flag was flying in my face, so I thought I would run it by you guys first.
Help me restore my dub!!!
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