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Squeaky clutch

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I have a squeaky clutch pedal. Can I just use WD-40? Where should I spray?
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Re: Squeaky clutch (BikeBoy24)

Just turn up the stereo, you wont heat a thing.
Re: Squeaky clutch (dr.GTI)

I've gotten used to the noises...it just "feels" a bit squaky! That's what bothers me.
Re: Squeaky clutch (BikeBoy24)

i just live with it
Re: Squeaky clutch (BikeBoy24)

I have to sounds also there area under the dash behind a cover that you can get to without removing the cover. I used spray silicon lubricant.
What I realized today about VW Jettas..........
The great engineering is still there with all the squeaks, Most of the cars squeak/rattle in the same spots ......
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Re: Squeaky clutch (cpudoc67)

I'm just afraid of getting wd-40 where it shouldn't be.
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