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squeaky steering wheel

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hey guys i have a 01 1.8t and i just noticed about a week ago when i move the steering wheel my car squeaks. Its not the tires I feel like its coming from under the hood or something. It happens the most, or at least i notice it the most when I am at a stop or at lower speeds. Whats up with my car and how do I go about fixing her?
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strut mounts/bushings
Re: FV-QR (dremhmrk2)

PS fluid level/strut mounts/bushing maybe....I'd also look at the tie rod assemblies, especially the joint hiding in the rubber boot right up against your steering rack.

Modified by LoydKrissmas at 10:11 AM 10-20-2008
Re: FV-QR (dremhmrk2)

check your power steering fluid
you also might want to check your fender liner. mine came loos, and yould rub aginst the wheel when i turned. gl fixing it
Re: (dallas04gli)

checked the fender liner it seems to be fine. Does anyone know how to check the power steering fluid level? that sounds like something it might be.
Re: squeaky steering wheel (ibesaam)

please??? so is it that thing in the engine with the green cap? how do i take the cap off its too big for a screwdriver is there a certain way to do it?
Re: squeaky steering wheel (ibesaam)

Yup green cap, VW wants you to buy their tool..Just stick something in that slit (large Flathead, a couple cd's, stack of old credit cards, a quarter, whatever) and turn, it comes up
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Re: squeaky steering wheel (LoydKrissmas)

haha, if you don't know where your power steering res is, maybe just drop it off at the shop
Re: squeaky steering wheel (ebensqauat16)

I don't really want to pay someone to check the fluid I I can do that myself. If I see the fluid level is fine then I guess I'll have to take it in unless anyone knows what else it could be. Does anyone think this is a major problem?
Re: squeaky steering wheel (ibesaam)

I have no other options than what I've already posted. As always, start small. Could be the power steering fluid level. And I just told you how to check it.
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