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Jetta MKIV 99.5 VR.. Pulled a code for incorrect resistance on the passenger seat bag. I wanted to put a resistor on the harness to fool the airbag system in thinking that there was an airbag hooked up.. Normally it's a 2 ohm resistor, and 2 plugs, but the harness here is 3 plugs, and I'm going to guess that it's not a 2 ohm resistor..
My question is this; What 2 wires do I put the resistor on, and secondly, what's the resistance of a bag??
If you don't know the answer and you're reading this, please give this a bump, I would like to have this solved, as my airbag light has been on for a few years.. I kinda want functioning airbags, especially since winter is coming.. again..
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