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St Louis GTG's

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ok i know that stlvw.org is up but we need to get the word out to others in the area, but how? i see modified vw's all the tyme but on the vortex they are not spoken for........................can we give dealerships flyers or something cause i wanna help as much as possible!!!!!!!!!!!!
i think that anytime anyone can get together and colaborate on things we should.
i hope we can get more of these unspoken for v dubs on our trail.
mk3 yellow gti's at least 4ive seen
mk4 green gti at ronnies fast and furious
mk4 black gls with white wheels
mk4 silver gls tint wheels etc shaved vw on back
??????????????? too many
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Re: St Louis GTG's (silver4)

what's up! We doing anything this weekend? gimme a call man! I'm here and accounted for, well at least half of the time
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Re: St Louis GTG's (Fly952.0)

Yeah, I've been saying the same thing. We could have a huge club if we got the word out. We need some kind of business cards or something.
Re: St Louis GTG's (trbo-4)

We could always put something up in Adrenaline, Lightspeed, SVH Motorsports(dunno if that's still around, never been there anyways) or any other tuner shop(there aren't taht many really) or any European/German shops/dealers. Could always use AOLs or some other kind of search engine for users that live in St. Louis that have VW in their profile
Re: St Louis GTG's (vagvr6)

i think flyers and maybe some kind of business cards with a breif explanation of the stlvw.org idea. anyway maybe we should have a lil gtg and discuss some of these things. another thing too, is there still talk of a big gtg at riverport evolving?
Re: St Louis GTG's (silver4)

Don and I are getting together on Sat. not sure where. If you are interested let me know.
Re: St Louis GTG's (trbo-4)

I like gatherings, I'm any for anything. I work until like 3 on this saturday though
Re: St Louis GTG's (silver4)

Hey guys:
I am in the process of making half-sheet flyers (half a sheet of paper) that you guys can stick on windshields of VWs you see around or post wherever you see fit. A good friend of mine is tight with Lightspeed (his Acura can be seen in their showroom), and I mentioned the org to him a while back.
You can also get some stickers on your car to show around town. I've been asked twice about mine since putting them on. Email me for how to get your own pair for $5.
Last but not least, we are planning a Get-together in March. Be sure to check out http://www.itsmegatime.com/stlvw/events. In addition, Ben and I (and probably Dustyn) are getting together just to do some light mods this weekend. Email any of us if you want to join up. Very low key.
Re: St Louis GTG's (dkrutewicz)

Ya know I'm all for it http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: St Louis GTG's (vagvr6)

anything going on tonight guys?! I just got my car back today and can't wait to go for a nice cruise or have a lil GTG...call me!!! I'll be at work until 8:30...number here is 314-264-5400...or page me at 734-7039
Re: St Louis GTG's (vagvr6)

maybe saturday night check the lindbergh gtg
Re: St Louis GTG's (silver4)

let me know if we got something goin....
Re: St Louis GTG's (JettaBoyA3)

Well, I rarely visit Vortex, I mostly hang around clubB5.com. I just happened to look here before the last GTG in November and e-mailed a few of you guys, but I wasn't able to attend. I asked whoever I e-mailed to keep me in the loop for future events, but haven't heard back since. I've got a 98 Passat 1.8T with some minor mods but I always like talking shop and learning new stuff. There are a couple other B5 people in St. Louis, some B4's too, I saw one on the way to work this morning, white with a Neuspeed logo on the side. Here's my e-mail again. Let me know what's going on and I'll try and make it.
[email protected]
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