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Repair/Replace time:
So, turns out VW/Audi will not sell you just the clamp. Which I believe is for liability reasons. Now that there is an opening directly exposing the turbine wheel/impeller to debris, it could be damaged. I will need to determine this out soon of course.

My preference, is to just repair the failed clamp (replace it with something) and re apply any gasket/sealant between the turbo housing and the exhaust manifold. This is looking tricky to do as no aftermarket clamps seem to fit the k03 turbo.

If the turbo is damaged, it of course needs to be replaced. Installing a fresh k03 seems so lame when APR has a nice K04 kit and would make the car be over 300 whp & 300 wtq. However, I am reading some not so encouraging threads about k04s...

My 2011 Audi tt currently has 81,xxx miles on it...

So, if anyone has some suggestions on what to do, certainly interested. Oh and car is paid off... and as much as I would love another car, not interested in any car payments for a while.
Curious where you landed on this....did you repair or decide to go K04?
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