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I have a European spec 1994 GTI that I recently purchased. It was imported from Japan where it accumulated only 40K miles since new. I have been going through the car "restoring" it. Lots of little things to do as a result of years of storage. Dried out seals, lighting, etc....

The black trim on the car is in excellent condition overall sans one spot on the rear bumper. I would normally just go straight to purchasing a new bumper but they are NLA from VW or Classic Parts so that is not an option. I've seen trim restorers used on other cars and the results never seem to match the factory sheen or look 100%.

Is there anything I can do to try and either remove this stain (if it's a stain at all) or restore the upper part of the bumper trim?

I have tried IPA with a microfiber, then went to mild polishing compound with a white abrasive pad. Then I tried the same compound with a green pad and light pressure. No result with either product and I don't want to get more agressive for fear of damaging the texture.

I did try some Meguiars "Trim Restorer" on the spot and it didn't touch it at all, even temporarily. This makes me think it is in fact a stain rather than fading.

Should I now go straight to something like SEM Trim paint? Some type of dye product? BITD Forever Black was terrible long term but I see now that there are many other product on the market. Rustoleam Wipe New, Cerakote Trim Coat, "That Black Stuff", and Shine Supply Trim Paint look promising based on some long term Youtube testing I saw.

Today I stopped at a local salvage yard and grabbed a couple pieces of similar, black textured VW door trim to use for testing. I just need to know what direction to go so I'm not wasting money!
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