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Standalone for 2006 2.0T - how is LP fuel pump controlled?

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Getting ready to attempt 2006 2.0T GDI Passat first start on a custom standalone. Does anyone know anything about low pressure fuel pump control - is that on/off? PWM? CAN? something else? I know this engine has low fuel pressure sensor but do not know if low fuel pressure is constant or if there is some control strategy? My preference would be not to poke scope probes into wires.

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Someone nice has pointed me at http://www.volkspage.net/technik/ssp/ssp/SSP_334_d1.pdf

How it works
The electric fuel pump always conveys as much fuel as
the engine requires at a particular time.
The momentary fuel pressure is measured by the fuel
pressure sender for lower pressure and sent to the
engine control unit. If this pressure deviates from the
reference pressure, the engine control unit sends an
appropriate PWM signal (frequency 20 Hz) to the
fuel pump control unit. The control unit sends a PWM
control signal (frequency 20 kHz) to the electric fuel
pump until the fuel pressure returns to the map curves.
Any more info on standalone and board for Vw connector?
please google "rusEFI" and please google "154 pin ECU connector audi VW ford breakout PCB only"

any specific questions you have?
Forgot to post that I got this car to idle!

GDI is a low priority to be honest so maybe one day some hero would step in :)
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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