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Starbucks in Rockville tonight

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anyone up??? looks like me and 18TMadman will be down there tonight, i'll be there by 9PM...
its on 355 just north of Montrose Blvd... its in "Montrose Crossings", its right next to Barnes & Noble...
from annapolis:
rt 50 West
495 West
exit 355 North, follow up until you see starbucks/Barnes & Noble on the right
from Bmore:
95 South
495 West
exit 355 North(as above)
from virginia, well, ya'll can find out your self cuz i got no clue...
worst comes to worst, hit me up on my cell, 443-254-1767
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Re: Starbucks in Rockville tonight (Anand20v)

well i was there most of the night... there was a red GTI that passed by me right after i got there(maybe 8:35ish), and then later on a DUMPED silver GTI on factory 17"s w/ a midhatch spoiler)... also, as i was rolling out, goin down 355 South, there was a black GTI that flashed his highbeams at me (he was at the light on old georgetown rd)...
Re: Starbucks in Rockville tonight (Anand20v)

i saw you at Old georgetown...thought you someone else....BUT car looked slick
Re: Starbucks in Rockville tonight (BLK20Vturbo)

thanks... i was like "wait, did he just flash his highbeams" as i rolled thru the intersection, dunno if u saw but i hit the 4-ways...
also last night, goin down there, from 95 all the way down to 355 i was following a silver Mk4 Jetta(badged as Jetta, NOT bora), thta looked lowered, on atleast 17"s, with MEXICO license plates... didn't look like Mexican tags that i recognized either(from livin in socal, i've seen Front BC, Mexico DF, etc)... just wanted to say tight ride!! and i hope takin video fo your car didn't freak ya out!
Re: Starbucks in Rockville tonight (Anand20v)

come to think of it...were you the same guy i pulled up next to by tower records.....then sorta raced on 355 going towards the town center?
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