For the second installment of our post-game coverage from the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, we're going to roll the dice a bit.  Rather than the standard Volkswagen Group-manufactured new car post you probably expected, today's spotlight is being placed on something from the 90s, built by a small manufacturer called RUF Automobile GmbH.


Ok, technically RUF isn't part of the Volkswagen Group, and when this 964 originally left Stuttgart, neither was Porsche- but would you just look at it?  Based on a narrow-body 964 Carrera 2, RUF strapped a turbo to the factory 3.2, good for an additional 70hp, and mated it to a six-speed gearbox.  Larger brakes, upgraded suspension components and a full RUF aesthetic package was added to differentiate the RCT from a standard Porsche 911.


Seeing as this was built in the 90s, the interior on this particular RCT is a bit louder than what you'd find on anything being sold today.  Custom RUF racing seats trimmed in an olive green leather with flannel inserts were fitted, and the entire interior was retired to match.  Finishing off the interior touches are an olive-faced tachometer (rotated 45 degrees, naturally), and red seat belts and door pulls.


Check out additional images of the RUF RCT below, and see more of Porsche at Geneva, here.